Mentored Doula

My Philosophy
I want to support and protect women and their partners in their birth choices.

I would aim to help maintain a calm confident enviornment for them to achieve this.

I am constantly learning new things but one thing I do know is that naturally we know how to birth babies and this is why being a Doula naturally feels right for me.

Related skills and qualifications
I am a trained General Nurse, a pregnancy and birth Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Reiki practitioner and a HypnoBirth Practitioner trained in Marie Mongan and Katherine Graves method and now the New and exciting English Wise Hippo Birthing programme.

I did the Paramanda Doula course with Michel Odent in London With my training and qualifications plus my three very different birth experiences and life experiences I feel I would bring a positive support to birthing mothers and partners on their special birthing day.

Experience & Specialities
My own very different three births has given me a huge insight into what birth is all about. For the last fifteen years I have been helping women using reflexology, visualisation and relaxation techniques to prepare for a positive birth experience.

I also completed the Hypnobirthing course four; years ago and have been teaching this ante-natal programme to many couples since. I attended my first homebirth as a mentored doula in April last year. It was calm and beautiful and just as nature intended. I have attended home births and hospital births (L &D and the Lister in Stevenage and Watford ABC) which were amazing and I now know and appreciate even more about the very positive role a Doula plays with the whole birth experience for the family.

I am the only birth Doula in Harpenden.


To find out more about booking a Doula please contact Joan Mills on:

Tel – 07841 054708

Email –¬†


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